Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Pics Part 1: Pre-Christmas

Goodness gracious alive, have I fallen behind as a blogger!  I've had pictures and stories for the past two weeks about which I've thought: "I gotta blog about that!," but in the end, I've been swept away in Christmas festivities and family time.  But I'm back at it, and have some pictures to share!  These are just pre-Christmas pics (before I came home to Georgia on the 20th); Georgia pics coming soon!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.  Tell me about what you did/ate/gave/received!

me & Jen at the Union Square ice rink:
oh how I love San Francisco at Christmastime!

view of the ice from the top of Macy's (p.s. it's open till Jan. 16th!)

downtown San Francisco

Matt opening Christmas gifts from his mom :)

holiday crafts with Claire and Jude!

a very festive cable car: again, how I love SF at Christmas!

stockings at my house

stockings at Matt's house (I KNOW!  Some are for pets . . .)

I'm in Georgia for two more days, and until then, I'll be missing these three handsome boys something serious:

Merry Christmas, etc.!  I'll be back with pictures from Georgia ASAP.  Hope everyone else's Christmas was as wonderful as mine.


undomestic chica said...

Funny how life takes over blogging, but I bet you wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Christianna said...

Love your pictures! I usually end up in SF near Christmas time, but wasn't able to this year! Your pics make me miss it!

sheba said...

love the cowboy stocking!

sf looks fab at christmas! can't wait to see it all in march with you!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

it happens! Thank you for showing us San Francisco at winter- I never tire of cityscapes :) merry xmas!

Meghan said...

I so want to go ice skating after having read this post:) So glad you had a wonderful holiday - have a safe trip back!

Dee Stephens said...

I heart SF at all times of the year. Never been at Christmas but I'm sure it's lovely.
Safe travels!

Faiza said...

merry christmas to you! wishing you lots of family love in georgia and safe travels back to san fran!

April said...

Can't wait to see photos from Georgia! Festive SF looks like a dream! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I love all of those stockings! Hope you've had a great Christmas!!

julianne. said...

looks like you had such an amazing holiday!<3

kimbirdy said...

oh i miss SF the most at christmas time!! i moved there the day after christmas 7 years ago, and spent many christmases by myself there, just me and the city. lately all i can think about is moving back. soon, soon.

Leesh said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year Claire! I hope you had a great holiday.

SF looks so beautiful all lit up, I think any city that is all done up with lights is beautiful around Christmas time.

I have been a bad blogger, I haven't blogged in a week and it's tough because I see all other bloggers doing 2011 a year in review posts and goals for 2012. I'm just too lazy and now dreading going back to work tomorrow.