Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why my Tuesday Night was Extraordinary

I miss my family in Georgia a whole lot, but lucky for me, my daddy travels to the Bay Area for work a couple times a year (we got to see each other in Napa in November).  He was in town this week for the Fancy Food Show 2012, and Matt and I got to have dinner with him Tuesday night . . . at Millennium, no less!

Millennium is one of San Francisco's premier vegetarian restaurants.  I've heard people rave about it for years, but I had never been there myself until Tuesday night.  And my two carnivorous companions were great sports about the vegan food (I'm not sure if Millennium is always completely vegan, but the menu was vegan on Tuesday night).  

sitting between two of my favorite men!

We ordered lentil cakes and pickled vegetables as starters, and they bought us out complimentary brussel sprouts, which were my favorite thing of the night.  They were halved, grilled (I think?) and teriyaki-flavored, and oh my goodness, I'm quite certain I've never had better brussel sprouts in my life:

this picture alone makes me want to go back right now

lentil cakes

Dad ordered a little gem salad, Matt had a three onion soup and a warm winter chaat salad (which was delicious and inventive), and I had the fried artichoke over cashew risotto with kale and sweet lentils.

the chaat: avocado on bottom, chickpeas, grapefruit on top!


The best part of my entree was the kale.  The fried artichoke was creative and pretty good (with salt), and I found the risotto to be quite bland, but I loved the kale.  Big surprise there, haha. ;)

Daddy & me via instagram

After we dropped Dad back off at his hotel, Matt and I went a couple doors down to Top of the Mark, the famous bar atop the historic Mark Hopkins Hotel, from which you can see a spectacular view of the entire city.  It's breathtaking!  I don't know whether it was a blessing or a curse that I left my camera in the car . . . I didn't get any pictures, but it forced me to just enjoy a drink with Matt in a beautiful setting and not think about documentation.

The above view doesn't even really do it justice, because from Top of the Mark, the view is panoramic, and you just can't get that on camera.  Plus, it was really dark when we were there, and everything was twinkling.  I could see all the way from one side of San Francisco to the other, which was a perfect compliment to my Rutherford Hill Merlot (Matt had whiskey).  

Nothing like a little spontaneous romance. :)  Happy Thursday!

p.s. It was so weird seeing the Bachelor take his ladies all around our city last week.  I'd been everywhere they went, except for that random piano shop.  Surreal.


AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

How are you liking Ben this season? He's growing on me. And I spent NYE 2006 at the Top of the Mark. Was a great party! Miss that town :(

rebecca said...

sounds like a delicious place!

FourJedis said...

Those plates look incredible. You can pan-sear brussel sprouts like that in a cast iron skillet. In fact, that's what we're having tonight. We had lentils last night. ;-) Sounds like a perfect night.

erin elder said...

If I am ever back in the city, I am totally going to that restaurant! Everything looks so good... and i'm a major meat-lover, so that's sayin' something! :)

Dont you just love when those little spontaneous dates turn out to be so magical? :)

Micaela said...

i love that your two favorite men were sports for their favorite vegetarian girl ;)

nothing like spontaneous romance that can make a tuesday night just MAGICAL.

i wanna go on a date with you there! :)

i love you!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Those brussel spouts look AMAZING! And i love Top of the Mark. Went there the night before you and I met up and fell in love with the view. We got there at sunset to enjoy it. I'll def go back each time I visit the city :)

And I skipped The Bachelor this week. I'll have to watch online!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, HOW in all the time I've spent in San Francisco have I missed Top of the Mark?? I'm seriously going the next time I'm there!


Kristen said...

Soooooo happy you got to spend some time with your Daddy-O! And those Brussel Sprouts? I LOVE brussel sprouts. Now I am starving.

Seriously... thrilled you had such a stellar night. No girl I know deserves it more :)

Faiza said...

what a special night with memories for a lifetime for all three of you!

i am so happy for all of the love and joy in your life right now.

love you.

Megan said...

Oh Claire, you sound so happy with Matt, it makes me so happy for you. Spontaneous romance is the best, the longer I am in a relationship the moe I realise its the little things that count.
My dad would die if I took him to a vegan restaurant, every meal needs meat in his books.

Lesley said...

yes! sometimes the pursuit of documentation can be distracting. so glad you got to have such a yummy, fun experience with kit and matt. so fun. the food looks insane. want to eat it right now.

bananas. said...

never heard of millennium but it looks and sounds DELISH!!!

and i just love top of the mark. i heard it used to the place where all the military men would meet up with their "sweethearts," as they called them.

Lidiya said...

All of that food is making me hungry, delicious photos <3

drollgirl said...

what an awesome evening! yeesh!

and the food looks pretty delish! i am all over artichokes! i have never tried brussel sprouts, but i would try these!

i recently had some kale that was so good. very simple -- served with some sort of lemon vinegrette and them parm cheese shaved all over it. deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious.

melifaif said...

Wow, you loook oh so much like your poppa. Too precious. And I love the lil romance rendevous!!! I agree...sometimes sans camera makes you more present. Nice!

Marz said...

LOVE the photo of you and your two favourite men! Makes me so happy! :) So glad you are able to see your daddy!

It's crazy that as someone who has to have some kind of meat for every meal (or I feel like something is missing!), these vegan dishes actually look and sound appetizing!

We should definitely do Top of the Mark in May. We can solidify my C.J. stalking itinerary over drinks and that amazing view! :)

Love how an ordinary Tuesday night was so full of magic for you! I love spontaneous romance! I can't wait to meet Matt and thank him for making you so happy.

Shoshanah said...

All that food looks absolutely delicious! Although if I could only try one thing, it would definitely be the lentil cakes

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw yay! That's great that he got to come to town and you could have a night out together!