Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Review

I'm trying to look at Mondays differently, just as an experiment . . . "it's a new week!" or "yay for a clean slate!" . . . not sure how well it's working, but I'll keep repeating these little slogans till I get in the Monday groove. ;)

I had to work late Friday, so I stayed in the city & met my crew in the Mission before we trekked down to Truong's art show at SOMArts.  It was spectacular--both Truong's work and that of his fellow artist, Peter Max Lawrence:

At War: showing at SOMArts through 2/29
I highly recommend you check it out!

Truong Tran

Peter Max Lawrence

After the show, we had a delicious Thai feast at Ozone before heading back across the Bay Bridge.  I was super excited to crawl into bed with my book . . . I'm reading The Help and I can't put it down!  I need some book suggestions, cause at this point, I don't think anything is going to live up to The Help.  It's so good!

I got to be a little bit lazy on Saturday, which was nice.  The weather was beautiful here, so when Matt went to The Bone Room in Berkeley, I opted to stay home and go for a short run instead.  He did bring me back this extremely strange/slightly creepy souvenir: 

headless, limbless pregnant "woman" with removable belly keychain

As for Superbowl Sunday, it was really nice albeit a bit anticlimactic.  Heather and Serkan were gonna come over for homemade pizzas, beer, & football, but they (+ Rowan!) were sick, and Matt was in bed half the day recovering from a pretty fierce cold, which left me on the couch alone with these things:

Blue Moon & sesame sticks

Eventually I got restless and woke Matt up--we ordered pizza and he kindly watched the 4th quarter with me, despite his utter disinterest in football.  Truth be told, I watched more for the cultural experience than for any real concern over the outcome.  That last NY touchdown was pretty great, although I was eager to switch to Super Mario Bros. 3 on the wii as soon as the final score was called.  :)

Hope your weekends were all lovely & full of either fun or rest.  And here's to hating Monday a little bit less!  


FourJedis said...

That actually sounds pretty fun. My beer of choice last night was Blue Moon as well - old reliable. :) Glad you had some 4th quarter company and got some good quality wii time. What a bizarre little keychain! Wow.

georgia~gigi said...

Well Happy Monday! I love Mondays , cuz it's my day off!
I loved the Help. I just finishesd Room I highly recommend it! VERY VERY GOOD!!!

undomestic chica said...

Funny that your keys are on that keychain already though! Hope Matt feels better soon. I watch the game just for the social experience too, I don't care who wins. Ever.

Meagan Murtagh said...

that key chain is bizarre!

xo the egg out west.

melifaif said...

That Matty boy is a strange one...but those usually are the best ones, I admit. ;) LOVE Blue Moon....yummy. Keep up the positive Monday vibes chica.

Meghan said...

Ha! That key chain is too much! It sounds like you had a relaxing weekend overall:) I love it!

bananas. said...

a man who doesn't like football?! the horror!!!


um kinda digging your removable preggo keychain though. sick with it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That key chain is really freaking me out lol! Overall it looks like you had a great time yay!

I had a massive headache Saturday night/Sunday and wanted to stay in bed but went a party. I should've stayed home since I could care less about either team lol. Glad Brady lost though!

this free bird said...

that headless limbless woman is freaking me out!!

girl i wanna know if you pulled the trigger on anything during your marathon session at the free people site the other day.

it's killer over there right now!!


miss katie said...

read the midwife's confession!

missy. said...

i watched because it is the superbowl but i'm not a huge football girl. i'm a MMA/UFC fan and a die hard one at that.

that key chain? uber creepy.

Anonymous said...

Keychain: The Talisman. "Quintuple Amputee, With Child"

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! What a unique keychain!