Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catching Up

I always have all these grand plans of blogging timely weekend reviews and pictures and news stories, but lately, it rarely happens.  I'm blaming it on the time of year; it seems every year around this time--as we approach the end of the school year (only one grading period left!), I fall woefully behind . . . on everything.  Anyone else ever feel that way? Luckily next week is Spring Break, which will hopefully give me a chance to catch up.

And speaking of catching up, here are some pictures from the past week!

Sheba came to town and we took one picture the whole entire time.  But it was only because we couldn't stop talking:

Now I love her even more!

Jen and I celebrated St. Patrick's Day at a neighborhood restaurant called Townhouse.  We sat at the bar and ordered appetizers and Irish drinks.  It was the perfect marriage of low-key and festive:

I ordered avocado bruschetta and it was amazing

I am seeking a benefactor to buy me this shirt from Anthropologie:

makes my heart swell

I'm looking to things like beautiful shirts from Anthropologie and the addiction Matt and I have developed to Prison Break to distract me from the horrible, punch-in-the-gut news that Sean Payton, beloved Saints coach, has been suspended for one year thanks to Roger Goodell's "tough on crime" stand against "Bountygate." I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the NFL, but my goodness, everyone seems to think this punishment is alarmingly heavy-handed.  Yesterday, the tweets from Drew Brees, Thomas Morstead, Lance Moore, et al almost had me in tears.  What's in store for the Saints this coming season??

Thanks for meandering through this ridiculously all-over-the-place blog post.  Eventually, I'm going to try to write about what's been on my mind through all of this: the Trayvon Martin case.  I just haven't found the words yet.

p.s. Y'all had a lot to say about fads yesterday--I love hearing everyone's thoughts!


undomestic chica said...

Trayvon Martin. I pray for his family ever single night....I am sickened by the situation.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I think it's a harsh punishment but I guess they are trying to make them the example. I just can't believe they were so stupid. Way to disappoint your fans :(

I'm embarrassed by the shame of it all. Let's hope they can turn things around!

Faiza said...

oh! i saw the pic of you and sheba on twitter and was so happy!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I am the same way about blog posts, girl, no worries! You're in the home stretch with school, woo hoo!! I love anthro, too :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I am the same way about blog posts, girl, no worries! You're in the home stretch with school, woo hoo!! I love anthro, too :)

Happiness Is... said...



They are just trying to protect themselves from litigation. Such freaking hypocrits. So the NFL cares about morals and ethics yet Michael Vick and other former criminals/rapists are allowed to play if they have "repented?" Like how can the NFL let people like Vick represent them and make big bucks after they've been to jail?

What I also find SO damn hypocritical is that everyone in the ^%$$%%^ NFL is paid to play a game that is inherently violent. I 100% understand that lying to the NFL is "wrong," and I also understand that intending to hurt people is "wrong." That said, why destroy a franchise and its value when the players were just being given under the table bonuses for what they do anyway?

Anyone who says that paying someone to "hit a QB hard" is worse than the simple act of "hitting a QB hard" is ignorant. What is the difference between paying someone $1,000 to do so and a defender just thinking it to himself and doing it (which you can never prove yet we all know happens). It's like they want to regulate everything and control everything. Defensive players WANT big hits. By nature. That is what they freaking do.

I am NOT saying it is right, but to ruin people's careers and an entire franchise over behavior that 1) happens elsewhere and 2) is just an extension of what is happening ANYWAY is just ridiculous.

If you want my opinion, he'd like to see the Saints in another higher grossing city like LA. Do you think they'd punish the Giants or Jets or Patriots like this? Oh wait - no. Look at the Patriots. We already know how that ended.

I think it's a crock. And it's not just because I am a Saints fan.

sheba said...

<3 you and the single piece of evidence of our meeting.

bananas. said...

don't get me started on the trayvon martin story....pisses me off beyond belief!!! arrrrggghhh!!!


now lets talk about that shirt. why hasn't matt bought it for you yet? helloooo obligatory boyfriend move! haha.

mmm avo bruschetta...want. some. now.

melifaif said...

It sickens me that there is such things as bounties/bonuses to "take em out." But I am none the wiser on any of it, so I am not casting judgement. Only to say that is sick, if it is true. And I heard a new 911 call today re: Trayvon Martin - and all I can think of is...if he is NOT arrested by today....TODAY! Then our country is seriously FUCKED. Which I know we are, but justice MUST be served. Now I am going to throw up.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ohh I love that top but if it's from Anthro then I bet it costs and arm and a leg!