Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goals

This whole monthly goal thing has been so much more approachable (and successful!) for me than New Years' resolutions or anything else long term like that.

30 (ish) days is such a reasonable amount of time to stick to something and/or accomplish something worthwhile.  In February, I had three goals:

                     1. Stick to running plan
                     2. Submit poems or manuscript to at least 6 magazines/presses
                     3. Read two books

I did beautifully with goals #1 and #2--I've been running every other day (increasing distance) and I sent poems off to four magazines and two presses.  As for goal #3, I read The Help and am in the middle of The Hunger Games.  I've read Hunger Games before, but I wanted to refresh my memory before starting the second book in the series.  The Help was tremendous--I didn't want to put it down.  Plus, it was inspired by someone I worked with at Tulane!

If only my reading wasn't being derailed by the New Super Mario Bros for Wii addiction we have going on in this household . . . .

The tricky part about monthly goals is that they kind of keep building on themselves; it's not like I don't want to keep up with running, reading, and submitting poems in March.  And yet, I need a few more goals!  So the months become a bit more difficult.  But in the best possible way, I think.  Here are my (new) March goals:

                    1. Read 10 short stories
                    2. Write a short story
                    3. Save $400 
                    4. Try 3 new recipes

We'll see if goal #3 is feasible, but I sure would like to try.  I think it will involve close contact with and lots of budgeting (an area in which I know I need improvement).  As far as writing a short story goes, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but it's so intimidating to me; writing fiction is an entirely different game than writing poetry.

Here are some free printables from Pinterest that I think will help in goal-setting for any of us trying to be more organized in our approaches:

If you're setting monthly goals, tell me about them and/or leave me your blog link!


Ashley said...
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Lesley said...

yay, you! i need to set my march goals. i wasn't as proactive in february. need to kick it into gear this month. looks like you are doing awesome with yours. proud of you. muah!

Ashley said...

i like the idea of keeping monthly goals! super neat idea! those printables are VERY cool! def need some of those!

thumbs up for increasing your speed and keeping up with the running!! :)

Dee Stephens said...

My 'daily' goal at this point and time is to simply live in the moment.
Some days are better than others!
proud of you with yours!

undomestic chica said...

These are such good goals! Maybe I should start doing this too.

Anonymous said...

when you gonna finish my novel huh huh huh?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Good for you! My goal this month was to lose weight for my NOLA trip. I can't be all hot and wearing cardigans to cover my fat arms. I have almost 2 full months and really need to get started :( I'm so overwhelmed it's holding me back though.

Happiness Is... said...

I set goals in my head and then rarely fully follow through. Need to get better!

Faiza said...

so proud of you claire! you will achieve your march goals for sure!

love your connection to the help. i loved that book so much. i think they did a great job with the movie too.

i am about to re read the hunger games time for the movie!

Brianna said...

Great job with sticking with your goals for last month (:
I need to read more as well... I was talking about that with friends last night who read... well, more intellectually stimulating books- whereas I read... chicklit lately. haha embarassing...

and good luck saving $$! It's soooo difficult for me as well... it's bad. I feel like I really just need to hire a financial advisor or someone to handle all my money so it's more responsible haha!

drollgirl said...

girl, you have discipline! that is something that i am lacking in!

sometimes i even fail at DAILY GOALS. cripes! for instance, i could go home and bake delicious veggies for dinner, but i really want to order a pizza and drink beer. BLARGH!

hope you have a fab weekend! :)

Meghan said...

Ooooh, I love those print-outs! What an awesome idea!

Best of luck with your goals!