Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Goals

So, as it turns out, breaking my foot has derailed my goals a little bit.  I've been pretty good about my monthly goals so far, but I never said I wasn't a procrastinator (those last few days of the month are my prime goal-tackling days).  Unfortunately, my bone fracture incident occurred right in the middle of crunch time, resulting in some unfinished goals.  Here's what I'd laid out for March:

                    1. Read 10 short stories
                    2. Write a short story
                    3. Save $400 
                    4. Try 3 new recipes

Just looking at this makes me cringe.  I read 3 short stories, wrote 0, saved $200, and tried 2 new recipes.  Dang.  That's less than 1/2 what I set out to do.  I better step it up for April.

FYI, I made (a version of) this, which was delicious but kinda hurt my tummy cause it was so heavy:

Onto April.  Here's what I want to accomplish:

               1. Show up to my doctor's appointment without having found a way to rip the cast off my leg*
               2. Take a day trip somewhere pretty/fun
               3.  Send poems or manuscript out to 5 more magazines/presses

I'm keeping it simple for April since ultimately, I do still want to finish my March goals, and I'm limited as far as what I can do. :(  I'd love to say that my goals were things like: take all unwanted clothes to donation bin, sign up for a 5K, plant something edible in the garden outside . . . but I can't do any of those things THANKS TO MY BROKEN FOOT.

What do you have on tap for April?

*I know several state prisoners who'd be more than willing to teach me how to rig something up to get this cast right off my leg.


Dee Stephens said...

Eat better but that's a daily goal. Hope your foot heals fast

Kristin W said...

I love simple goals! Mine are to do yoga 3 mornings/week and start a gratitude journal of sorts (post for tomorrow). I can't have too many goals or I just set myself up for failure.

Good luck with the foot!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

So sorry you can't do all the things you want to do to because of your foot :( I'm glad that you came up with some goals that you can accomplish though. Sounds pretty ambitious to me, and I love that you're planning on submitting your writing to some magazines! I'm really impressed!


Ashley said...

You almost finished your goals!! Almost doesn't count though I guess according to Brandy anyway. April's so your month!!

Hmm.. My goals would be to finish unpacking and get the new house in some order, save $300 dollars or more, and get my butt to the gym twice a week.

Happiness Is... said...

This isn't a day trip really, but have you been to Mendocino?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Great goals! You WILL accomplish them! I have a diary of ideas for short stories that I keep. I've never done anything with them though because I don't know where/who to send them to :(

Meghan said...

You can do it, Claire! I think it's amazing that you are sending your writing out! I am so excited for you.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eat better, spend less, save more. We shall see.... good luck with your goals!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oh girl I'm sorry you are stuck with your cast! Sounds like you have some great goals and hope that your leg gets better soon! :)

Jamie said...

Good luck on your goals this month!

drollgirl said...

a broken foot will derail a LOT of things! ugh!!!! it will be so nice when it is healed up, cast is off, and life returns to normal!

and i admire the goals you set for yourself. i need to try doing the same!

i managed to quit drinking soda and quit chewing gum in the month of march. that isn't all that impressive, but still good.

now if only i could get to the more DIFFICULT goals that i keep avoiding! i need to! eee!

Marz said...

When I read your last post about how hard it is not to be able to carry anything and feeling completely dependent on people and yet you're making April goals that consist of taking a day trip somewhere is incredible! It makes me REALLY proud and happy for you!!! :) You're not going to let a broken foot stop you from having fun :) And just think - you'll have FOUR girls who will be willing to fetch and carry things for you in a month!!! ;) SO excited!

I'm so proud that you managed to save $200 in March. That's great Claire!!! I wish I had saved $200 last month. Good luck with your April goals! I have complete faith in you. Love you!! xoxo

Jo said...

i love how specific your goals are! just think, if you hadn't set these goals you wouldn't have gotten as far as you have! i think you did great!!

melifaif said...

You SET goals and that is what is most important!!!! I look up to you....I really should do this goal thing. I feel stagnent. :(