Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Festivities

It was a beautiful weekend in the Bay Area!  Sunny, breezy, warm . . . and perfect for wine & baseball, if you ask me. ;)

Is anyone else exhausted on Friday nights?  This whole two jobs thing is intensifying my exhaustion, without a doubt, but still: after working a whole week + whatever else we have going on, Friday night hits like a ton of bricks.  Or maybe I'm just old.  Matt and I went to our neighborhood bar/restaurant (one block away) for an easy dinner and a couple beers.  After that, it was straight to bed!

By Saturday, I had my energy back.  My friend Annie (whom I hadn't seen in months!) and I drove up to Napa to pick up some bottles from her wine club memberships . . . and we did several tastings along the way.  It was a perfect wine tasting Saturday!

We went to Domaine Carneros for some bubbly, then over to St. Supery where I bought a delicious Sauvignon Blanc with Annie's wine club discount, and then to the epic Castello di Amorosa . . . literally a castle built from imported Italian bricks.  Wowzers!  It was quite a show, and I came home with a light rose perfect for this kind of weather.

Afterwards, in order to balance out the high society-ness of wine tasting, we got down & dirty at Gott's Roadside.  And O-M-G was it good:

veggie burger, garlic fries, & a coke zero

Living an hour from Napa is one of my favorite things about San Francisco.

On Sunday, Matt and I took his son, Jasper, to the A's game with some folks from his Little League team.  They were all in their uniforms--how cute is that?  It was sunny, we had great seats, the A's won, and my sunburn is relatively mild . . . so I consider it a success. ;)

all my single girls, check out the hottie on the lower right!

It was so nice to spend the whole weekend outside, especially with this coming week's predicted rain.  I'm jonesing for summer . . . guess I better get crackin' on my butterfly crunches.  Yikes!

What did you do this weekend?


Leesh said...

It's very hard for me to stay up late on the weekends. Although this past weekend, I was up until 2 am both days. I think it's because I have a bit of west coast time still in me. I get tired during the day but get a second wind around 10 pm.

Garlic fries...damn, I forgot to have some while in Cali.

Dee Stephens said...

My idea of a perfect weekend. Day trips to Napa are the BEST!

Lacey said...

Wine tastings and baseball games! Sounds like such a fun spring weekend!!

Lindsey said...

OMG my stomach literally just turned. HAHAHAHHA GA-ROSS! I def was not expecting that crack shot. Thank you Claire, thank you!

How cute is his son?? I want to eat him up. Reese's t-ball team just started up last week for the season. There is nothing cuter than 4-year-olds attempting to play T-ball and all the parents out on the field trying to wrangle them. MELT. MY. HEART!

You look gorgeous in your pics and your hair is long!!! I am obviously jealous of your proximity to Napa as well. I'm pretty sure I'd be a full blown alchy if I lived that close to it.

Happy Monday! Cheers to a fast week so the weekend can get here again soon.

passport in my pocket said...

sooo jealous! I adore domaine carneros!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You better get crackin? Pun intended ;) bahaha jk!

Seriously the pic of you where your hair is super long is gorgeous! You're hot!

Sounds like such a great weekend. Baseball and wine? Doesn't get any better.

Oh and I totally go to bed early on Fridays lol!

Mrs. Monologues said...

That is some booty-licious ness. I am so sad we didn't drive into the city this weekend because it was beautiful. Looks like you enjoyed it big time!

Meghan said...

I am so with you on the Friday night exhaustion! I can barely move on Fridays after school! You look just stunning, Claire, and I am majorly jealous that you can drive to Napa on a whim! Looks like a great weekend!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

my weekend looked very similar on paper and I loved it! I am definitely always exhausted on Friday nights though I try to not be... ugh. Um, I loved that crack on instagram- made my whole night.

Gracie said...

Ooh your weekend looks so amazing. The weather looks beautiful. I look forward to going to San Francisco :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I remember that last picture from Instagram - lol! Ahh and you are so lucky to be close to Napa. It isn't just about the wine, but the awesome scenery and food there!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

drollgirl said...

what a fabulous weekend!

i am always exhausted on fridays. i dread going out on a friday night, so i rarely do! saturday is the best day for ALL THINGS! it is just the best. in fact, every saturday i end up saying SATURDAY IS THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! at least it is if you work the traditional 5-day a week gig. oy!

i'll take those garlic fries and that veggie burger! albert and i went to a dodger game two weekends ago. i have to say that the dodger dogs were delicious, and so were the garlic fries! and the game was fun too! :) getting outside in fabulous weather is WONDERFUL! whee. :)