Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Pics

On Thursday, I attended my last Balboa graduation.  My favorite kiddo graduated and I'm so proud:

On Saturday, Matt and I had an amazing dinner at Pican in Oakland.  He had fried chicken & gouda mac&cheese, I had grits enchiladas (yep!), and we both had bourbon cocktails. ;)

Sunday was not so awesome.  We woke up to discover that Matt's car was no longer outside our house.  Some punk ass thieves stole his ride!  So instead of heading to a friends' party, we marched on down to the Oakland Police Department.  Ughhhhhhh.

But, my adorable grandma turned 92!  She's still not doing great, but she made it to her birthday, and she's looking mighty cute:

On Sunday we had a couple friends over to break in our new grill!  Matt played Grillmaster Flash and cooked us up some amazing sausages (mine veggie!), asparagus, corn, bbq tofu, etc.  Yum!

And we dressed the weenie like a weenie:

What did you do over the long weekend??


Dee Stephens said...

Love when weenies get dressed up as weenies!
Bummer about his ride!! UGH!! What now?

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

I know the feeling of getting robbed, sucks. And it often feels like the police never really follow-up on things of this nature. Hope that's not the case for you guys. Needless, sounds like a pretty nice/relaxing weekend!

drollgirl said...

well MOST of the weekend sounds like it was fab! but heading to a police department is never fun. OY!!!!

i wish we had three-day weekends more often! and lucky you with a bbq man at your side. there is nothing like good bbq on a warm, long weekend! YAY!

drollgirl said...

p.s. true confession: i am reading the second fifty shades book. ARGH. i just need to find out what happens already, so it appears i will be reading all three books. BLARGH! her writing drives me crazy, but i guess i am in it for the long haul!

melifaif said...

Ahhh....breaking into/stealing rides is so not cool. grrrr....I've had too many incidents to count and it is so...RUDE! Asshats. Happy bday to your g-ma. Mine will be 92 in October, but is currently in the hospital, so I know what you mean. My weekend started great, ended not so great. Such is life.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Damn hoodlums! Any word on the car?

His mac and cheese sounds SO good! And the little wiener dog? Adorable! But not as cute as your grandma :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What a bummer about his car! I hope they've found it and the punks who took it. On the upside though, that mac and cheese he ate looks like it was YUMMY!

bananas. said...

did you say pican?! oh i'm sooooo jealous.

by far the best mac & cheese i've ever had. BY FAR.

bananas. said...
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Meri said...

we did some of the same- celebrating and grilling! The gouda mac n cheese is making me drool!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

bourbon cocktails AND grits?? you're speaking my language lady!!

if the dude needs a grilling buddy AND someone willing to hunt down some hoodlums for a beatdown...we're so there ;)

Megan said...

That little weenie is so cute haha! I am so sorry Matts car got stolen, did you get it back? I cried in bed for a day when my car got stolen, such a drama queen!
I love that you drink bourbon! My best friend rarely drinks but when she does its bourbon so you remind me of her :-)

Marz said...

Such a great picture of you and the graduate! :) I can only imagine how emotional attending your last Balboa graduation was for you! How rewarding it must feel to watch your kiddos walk across the stage and know you played a part in getting them there!

OMG I want to take a bite out of that fried chicken!!! I LOVE fried chicken and was so happy to find a cute & delicious fried chicken place in Austin over the weekend!

I cannot get over the fact that Matt's car was stolen!! I saw that on twitter and had to read it twice! That sucks so bad :( I'm so sorry for ya'll! I hope it turns up soon! Keep us posted.

Your grandma is the most adorable birthday girl ever! She's stylin in her red dress and necklace :) SO precious!!! I love seeing her with her birthday balloon :)

Seeing your new grill makes me miss ya'll SO bad because it makes me think of sitting out on your deck on our last night all together eating pizza. I miss you girls like CRAZY!

OMMMGGGG Lojack!!!! Where in the world did Jen find his weenie costume?!?! ADORABLE!!!!! :) He looks better as a weenie than when he had to wear his cone of shame! ha

Gracie said...

Bleehh! That sucks about Matt's car. I do hope you discover what happened to it.

Your grandma looks adorable and 92! Well done to her for making it.

Your weenie dog dressed as a weenie. Eeee! So cute.

Kristen said...

1. You're way too hot to be a teacher.
2. I want Matt's fried chicken. And that mac&cheese.
3. I am still cursing those punks who stole Matt's car. Assfaces.
4. That is one stellar weenie.

Kristen said...

PS. I forgot number 5.
5. Your grandma is beautiful. 92 looks wonderful on her.

Holly said...

damn, his car got stolen?! ugh, im sorry!

ive been dying to go to pican!

Lindsey said...

Happy belated bday to your grams! And you have me craving grits enchiladas! Who even knew such a thing existed. All I know is I love grits and I love enchiladas so I can only imagine the possibilities! Ok well I better get my ass to target so I can run errands and start packing for Carleston. Ummm 5:45 am flight .... Say what!???

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That mac and cheese looks rich and delicious!

sheba said...

looks like a great weekend sans the stolen car fiasco! ours was mellow...we spent a lot of time building sand castles at the beach nearby. xo

Rosie said...

92 is AMAZING!
sorry to hear the car was stolen, that must have sucked.
the food looks yummy though! :D
Rosie xo
A Pocketful of Rosie

missy. said...

haha the pup looks awesome in the little costume. xoxo