Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friiiiiiiiday

I think it's in our blood to be excited when Friday arrives.  Yay, no work for two days!  Yay, the start of the weekend!  And yet, it doesn't really matter for me these days.  My work schedule is all over the place, and frankly I have just as much to do on the weekends as I do throughout the week.  No meetings, though, so that's a plus!

Yesterday Matt and I had to cancel dinner plans with friends because he seems to have contracted a summer cold.  We spent the evening in bed with Season 2 of Prison Break, our current fave.  I'm praying I don't get his cold--I'm far too busy to be sick.  Aren't colds supposed to be reserved for winter???

I'm spending this foggy, overcast Bay Area day with my favorite little mister, Sir Judebug.  Lately, whenever I show him a picture of himself, he proclaims, "That look cute!"  (He's totally right). 

clockwise from top left: rare snuggly boy, TIME OUT!, 
with his favorite person (Matt), and Jude-in-a-drawer

Also, I've finally caught up with the rest of humanity & joined Netflix (thanks to the Prison Break addiction).  Any suggestions for stuff that's streaming?  The possibilities are so exciting.

And while we're talking suggestions, I still need some good ideas for bathing suits.  I don't want to spend a million dollars.  Where have y'all found good ones??  I'm struggling over here.

Here's to a fun weekend for all--may it be filled with sunshine & beer! ;)


Hannah @ The New Black said...

I watch Netflix 1000 times more than I do actual TV! We've just started watching Law & Order SVU, but don't know that we'll keep at it. They are all sex based crimes, which I quite depressing to watch episode after episode! It's been on for years and has great ratings so I am hoping it turns around. Weeds is another one of my Netflix favs. Have a good weekend and stay cold free!

Marz said...

TGIFFFFFF!!! This has been one long week and I'm happy that the weekend is finally here! I'm ready for a nice relaxing weekend with no real set plans - so refreshing after a couple of crazy ones!

I hope Matt feels better soon! Evening in bed with you and Prison Break sounds like the perfect remedy! I LOVE Netflix! Maybe you'll start watching more movies now that you have it ;) I watch a lot of foreign films on there. I'll have to send you a list. I need to take advantage of all the documentaries available on there. Also, the best news: "White Collar" is available through Netflix! Maybe you and Matt should make that your next TV series to watch :) You'll fall in love with my Matt ;)

Have a great weekend Claire!!! xoxo

Meghan said...

I don't have Netflix! I SO need to jump on the bandwagon, too, but I DO have Hulu and we just finished watching Revenge! I LOVED IT!

Enjoy your weekend, Claire!

Leesh said...

I just finished the first season of Suits and it's really good. Check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

robayre said...

what took so long on the netflix, lol. My absolute addiction (and I haven't had cable since moving out of my parent's house) is anything from the ID channel - Investigation Discovery (I think). I also love documentaries about crimes and real people. Last night I watched The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, woah.

Gracie said...

I tend to get colds in the in between time from autumn to winter or winter to spring. I think it's the change in atmosphere and weather. So hope Matt gets better soon.

Little Jude is so adorable. How fun that must had have been. x

sheba said...

sending matt some get well vibes from the hot'n'sticky over here.

we don't have netflix, but have you seen the wire?

jude is freakin' adorable. i know i keep asking, but are you sure he's not YOUR kid?

Jayme and Mendi said...

Oh the weekend went by way too fast!! We want another one! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

drollgirl said...

he is possible the cutest little boy on earth. seriously!

melifaif said...

Ugh, summertime colds are THE worst!!! And just wroooooong!!! Jude is an adorable. LOVE PB. But I have already mentioned that...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Did you look on voda? They have great suits I swear!