Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update

It was so beautiful here this weekend in the Bay Area!  It really felt like summer for the first time.  The only problem with this warm, sunny weather is that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to run.  How do you southern runners do it???  I think I'd have to strap ice packs all over my body.  Or wake up at 5 am . . . and the ice pack idea is more feasible for someone who hates early mornings as much as I do. ;)

The perfect antidote to the heat?  Laying by the pool!  Which is exactly what I did Friday and Saturday.   This was pretty much my view for two days:

Thanks to Jodi for the awesome book recommendation.  Feels so good to read a well-written novel with compelling characters after finishing 50 Shades of Grey, heehee.

On the pool note, two things:

1. I've decided that someone needs to open an adult pool near me.  Complete with swim-up bar and NO KIDS ALLOWED sign.  Any businessy folks out there looking for a new venture??

2. Still having trouble finding a bathing suit.  I pretty much hate everything I try on.  I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my wine belly. ;)  If you've gotten a suit you like this year: WHERE?  I'm thinking of actually going to a department store like Macy's or Nordstrom (which I basically never do) since they seem to have the most selection.

On Saturday night I missed a bachelorette party to have pizza & movie night with Matt and his adorable son, Jasper.  Never thought I'd say that, ha!  It was a sweet prelude to Fathers' Day, where I missed my own sweet daddy, but had a fun cookout with Matt, Jasper, and our neighbors.  And I made this cake for Matt.  I'm pretty much destined for an awesome cake decorating career, don't you think?

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Sami said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I totally feel you on the outdoor workouts in the summer.. I don't know how people do it! For swimsuits I would say try Nordstrom.. they usually have a ton and people that know what they are talking about! Thanks for linking up :)

robayre said...

I think summer time is all about the gym or owning a treadmill where you can run in the chilled air conditioning.
aaand, I love the idea of an adult pool. Sounds like something you'd find at all inclusive vacation spot, BUT, at the same time with it not being at an all-inclusive I wonder how quickly it would turn skeevy where all the people in the water are bumped up against the edge in couples. Ha, reminds me of when I worked night audit at a hotel. My coworker in charge of maintenance would quadruple the amount of chlorine in the pool just because he knew what was going on in there. The hours of the pool were during the day, but they wouldn't lock it at night and I'd see couples head in there, and the lights wouldn't go on. ewwwww! If my years working at the hotel offered me anything is was a wealth of skeevy stories.

Happiness Is... said...

Your squiggly handwriting makes me giggle in the best way possible. I don't even bake so at least you beat me there!

And I adore Snow Flower. So good. I think there's another book out by her.

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

Lisa See is one of my favorite authors. I still think about Snowflower and the Secret Fan all the time. Read it about 3 years ago and it just really sank me. I felt I was living the parts with the girls. Amazing read and so glad you are enjoying it as well.

Allison said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I planning on getting in some much needed pool time next weekend!

Marz said...

It is the worst thing to run in the heat! I always feel SO defeated afterwards because I struggle through even just a mile! That's why if we even have an unseasonably cool summer day I have to take advantage of it with a run outside and why even though I prefer summer over winter, I welcome the Fall and the 5K's that come with it! :)

Love, love, love your poolside view! Especially your sexy legs (which you already know I love, love, love! ;)

What a sweet thing to pass up a night out with a night in with your boys :) And that cake is too adorable! Love it :) You're so sweet Claire! xo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My answer to running in the that I don't do it lol. And that's why I hate my ass in a bathing suit!

Glad you had a great weekend! Looks/sounds relaxing :)

Thanks for linking up with us!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Have you ever heard of Voda Swimwear? Their online and they have some great suits. I hadn't heard of them till last summer and this summer I got my first suit. THEY ARE AMAZING! Check them out.

Lindsay said...

Oh man that photo at the pool look so nice! And that cake looks delish!

Dana @five30three said...

I don't know how people in Chicago run in the summer in the sweltering heat and humidity. I don't even like to run when it's not 100 degrees or higher. Thanks for joining the linkup!

Meghan said...

I would give anything to have a pool nearby - especially one that is free of children:) And I have had zero luck with swimsuits myself, but then again, I have yet to venture away from Target! Ha! Hope you enjoy your week, Claire!

sheba said...

that cake looks delish, even if it's not as perfectly frosted as some others. ;)

i have snow flower on my reading list too. have been carting a copy of the book through brooklyn, to toronto, back to ny and now it sits, waiting for me to devour it.

i just started running on a treadmill inside. i'm not sure i could do it without the little fan blowing on my face, so i guess i couldn't do it outside, regardless of temp!

Micaela said...

how i wish i could lay out by the pool with you!

i know, i gave up on 50 Shades and moved on to "evening." I can't put it down!!!

that cake is so adorable and i bet tasted delicious! if only i could have a piece (or two!!!)

i miss running- it's weird to be on the treadmill walking at 3.0 speed and feeling out of breath lol waking up early to get my run out of the way was the only way to run outside last summer (but who wants to do that when they can actually sleep in? lol)

i love you and am in desperate need of a phone date! i'm off tomorrow if you get the chance ;)


meghan said...

Oh summer running has happened indoors for this summer and last summer. I move it in to the treadmill. Being 90* at 8:00 PM and the fact that I don't have to get up early, outside running just doesn't happen. A friend told me last summer then after I was on the treadmill for so long that I should just move to outdoor running 25% at a time. So in late August I did 25% inside/75% outside, 50%/50%, etc. It worked well to ward off injury.

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, and I just bought a one piece suit from Old Navy that is sooo flattering with a halter neck and pretty purple. I recommend!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

I spent the majority of the weekend by the pool as well. I don't know how people run when it's already like 80 degrees before the sun comes out... crazy :p