Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Discovering Your Own City

Welcome, August!  You're my favorite month . . . and not just cause you're my birth month.  And speaking of welcoming August, check out my brand new nephew:

Aria on the left, baby August on the right

My bff just had her second baby, and christened him with what I think is the most beautiful name in all the land: August.  Congratulations Tiff and Matt, and heyyyyy little guy--so excited to meet you!

The other day, after a rough morning (I mentioned some of the stressors here), I spontaneously decided that Matt and I needed some afternoon relaxation.  Like, some real relaxation was in order.  I remembered that a while back, some friends had mentioned this hot tub sanctuary right in the middle of Oakland, and after just a few clicks and one phone call, I had us booked for an appointment at Piedmont Springs.

Turns out, it's only $16 per person/per hour to soak in their glorious, outdoor, private hot tubs.  They're surrounded by wooden walls and, looking up from the tub, you have a calming, woodsy view:

I was two miles from home & felt like I was on vacation

It was a bit luxurious for the middle of the week, but I figured it was no more expensive than a dinner out and trust me when I say we needed it, so I treated us to a one-hour session.  We opted for the regular hot tub, though you can also choose the combination room, which includes both a hot tub and a sauna, for $8 more per hour.  And they have spa services as well!

don't we look relaxed?

It's pretty great to find little treasures like this within a big, bustling city such as Oakland.  Somehow, it makes city life more manageable.  

What are your favorite hidden gems in your city/town?

p.s. check out my guest post today over at my friend Lindsay's blog.  I'm talking about my favorite vacation ever! 


Kim @ said...

omg, love this!! i wish there was something like this near NYC...i know that they do have russian baths ...butttt they're not private. lol!

what a great way to relax in the middle of the week!

going to check out your fave vacay everrr now!

have a great day!

melifaif said...

That looks divine. I could use this right now. Turns out, planning a 5 year olds bday party is insane. AND extremely expensive. ughs to the third power....

Alicia Marie said...

Um, I want my town to have one of those places! That sounds awesome. And what a cute little guy...I really like that name too. :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Naked picture again! ;)

OK I am insane so I could think about is naked people in them before me lol. Looks like a serene place though :)

Micaela said...

August-- what a great name!

(i smiled when i saw your birthday on my calendar. i need birthday ideas from you btw :) i love birthdays!)

Next time, please take me on a date to Piedmont Springs. It sounds like the perfect gem.

I love that photo of you and matt <3 you do look relaxed and cute! :)

i just checked out your guest post but i knew what the destination spot was before clicking :)

Meri said...

sounds like a GLORIOUS break from it all! my muscles could use a hot tubby!

Krystal said...

august...that is the sweetest name ever.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I need to write the name of this place down! It sounds like a gem!

Katie Price said...

Matt must love you for being spontaneous! What a great way to break up the week, and keep the romance alive. :)

Kristen said...

Relaxed?!!? You look all quasi-naked and sexy is what you look like!!!

Ahhh!!! I love this! I so want to go to an outdoor hot tub place.

Lindsey said...

don't know how i missed this, but love the pic of you and Matt at the end!

Lindsey said...

don't know how i missed this, but love the pic of you and Matt at the end!

Anonymous said...

We look like a regular Adam & Eve.