Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meat Butter

My dad and a couple of his chef buddies flew into San Francisco yesterday for some sort of culinary event.  They're spending today eating amazing food from all over the place.  Now if that doesn't make you question your career choice . . .

Last night, Matt and I met them at what is quickly becoming my favorite Oakland restaurant: Dopo.  Goodness gracious alive, that place is incredible.  I had dinner there once a couple years ago with some girlfriends, and I remember raving about it then . . . last night was no different.

love it when my daddy comes to the bay!

I ordered the ricotta ravioli with cherry tomatoes and basil, and it was absolutely one of the best meals I've ever had.  All the pasta at Dopo is made in house, and these people know what they're doing (I tried to make pasta once . . . didn't turn out so well).  Among the other things we ordered: a platter of their three side vegetables of the day (swoon), a couple pizzas with farm eggs, fennel sausage for Matt, lots of antipasti (pork liver pate, marinated tuna, and the scariest of them all: lardo).  

lardo: our friend Marshall calls it "meat butter," I call it "shaved fat"

Horrifying as that may look, the carnivores loved it and I happily attended to the baby gems with fresh mint & vinaigrette while awaiting my ravioli.  

Unfortunately, Dopo may have ruined pasta for me.  The thought of dried, packaged noodles is currently making me roll my eyes.  Like I needed another food-related thing to be snobby about.

If you're anywhere near the bay area, GO TO DOPO IMMEDIATELY.  If not, get on a plane and come visit our spectacular city and then GO TO DOPO IMMEDIATELY.


Lindsey said...

I'm not kidding you. My stomach just turned with the word meat fat. SICK.

And I can't wait for us to go to DOPO together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is food so effing good? Can I please get some sort of affliction that makes all food taste bad so I can be skinny?? FML.

Marz said...

Aww I love how much you take after your daddy (ya'll have identical smiles in this photo with the same beautiful white teeth!) except for the insomnia part of course! I'm so glad that he gets to travel to SF so often for work. I would LOVE to enjoy a meal cooked by your daddy!

MEAT BUTTER! I have a feeling I would like this since I'm one of the biggest carnivores (who ended up with a vegetarian twin! haha) And I really want a pizza with a farm egg for lunch. SO yummy! SF is the only place I've seen that offered!

Adore that pic of you and Matt! <3

Alicia Marie said...

Looks delish, except the shaved fat!

Priscilla said...

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ew so that's just fat? Nas-tay!

You dad has the best job ever. Such a cute pic of you and him!

Micaela said...

Claire, that's such a great photo of you and your daddy! BEAUTIFUL!!! at some point we need to coincide our visits for when he's there because just hearing him on the phone that morning - he seems like such great company! :) and look at all that good eating!!! you know, minus the meat butter!!! i am right there with you on how horrifying that sounds. Vegetarian nightmare! I mean the name "lardo"-- ugh!

I miss all of the good eating in Oakland. Sigh.


drollgirl said...

ok ok ok! i need to go to dopo! i am not really a huge fan of pasta, but i will try it! maybe i have never really had GOOD pasta. the kind in the bag does nothing for me -- i just usually go for the meat or sauce or veggies that are around it. i know that sounds psycho!

i would NOT be getting the lardo. yeesh! the name alone!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

is it wrong i'm thinking "meat butter" will be used to talk my hubs into going here when we're on the west coast next fall? cuz it's totally happening.

Megan said...

Oh I want to be a chef if it means I get to eat all day....pity I dont like cooking very much, might not work out - can I just do the eating?
Glad you had a lovely time, my mouth is watering :p

Leesh said...

Meat butter...great name for it! I had it one time. We had it with these doughy goodness things, like a puffy hollow squares of dough. It was an experience but I wouldn't eat it all the time.

melifaif said...

Shaved fat....blegch!!!! *quivering* But, soft doughy pasta is making my mouth water something fierce.