Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend Update: Poultry Edition

(I know, I know . . . a post about the weekend on Thursday???  But it was a three day weekend, so that buys me some time, right?)

I giggled a little bit reading all your posts about weekend trips to Vegas, nights out on the town, festivals and fairs and tailgating and fancy dinners in the city . . . because I spent my weekend with 19 chickens (unfortunately there are now 18, but more on that later).  

Matt's co-worker and her husband had to leave town abruptly when her husband's mother passed away last week.  Because they have two cats, a garden, lots of plants, and 19 chickens, they needed someone to stay at their place in Sebastopol.  Enter us.  Matt spent a few nights there by himself during the work week last week, and I joined him this weekend.

1/19 of our lot

Suffice to say, a little stay in the country takes some getting used to for this girl (though I acclimated quickly, thanks to my southern roots).  And suffice to say, chickens are WEIRD.  They squawk and peck and bully each other and flutter their feathers a lot.  And they're LOUD.  

especially when there are 19 of them.  well, 18.

It was pretty cool getting up in the mornings and heading to the chicken coop to let them out & check for eggs.  Some mornings there was one egg, some mornings there were 8 eggs.  In any case, I got really into the egg-hunting business and squealed when I found them.  I even saw a chicken in the process of laying an egg!  Crazy.

We spent a whole lot of time sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch, drinking wine, watching chickens, cooking vegetables from the garden, gazing at the stars, and generally being rural.  But don't think we didn't get out; we were in Sonoma, after all.  Plus, I'm stir-crazy, and as much as I liked the escape, I needed a touch of civilization.  So we headed to a sushi spot on Saturday night, had summer cocktails at a pub in downtown Sebastopol on Sunday night, and visited a little family-owned winery on Monday.  Imagine my delight when we pulled into the winery and found home-grown tomatoes for sale outside!

best $3 I ever spent?

We also got to take in this pretty Sonoma sunset:

nice, right?

As for the demise of the 19th chicken . . . there was a bobcat incident.  You better believe we penned the remaining chickens up after that.  Free range no more. :(

So, are you a city mouse or a country mouse?


melifaif said...

I can be both types of mice!!!! lol. Those tomatoes looks so damn good....definitely best $3 ever!!!! And that is quite the sunset. Sonoma. Wine. have me wishing now. :)

Marz said...

The chicken pics on Instagram from both you and Matt were cracking me up :) I wonder if the chickens felt at ease with you knowing that you don't eat them and that you hardly like their eggs? :) My parents and I always go to this greasy little diner for breakfast food after church on Sundays (it was Micaela & Chip's favourite place to go eat after they got off work at the news station when they lived here too :) and I never paid attention to all the rooster and chicken decor until you housesat! So I just had to send you the pics :) hahaha

RIP 19th chicken!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh no! The poor 19th chicken! Love the sunset!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i am NEVER gonna see a jealous-looking chicken and not think of you my dear!! thank GOODNESS you had wine and a great front porch to occupy your time =)

drollgirl said...

bok bok! farm animals (and animals in general) are rather noisy, no? but glad you spent some time on the farm. sorry to hear about the bobcat. my sister used to live in the boonies, and coyotes (presumably) stalked her cats for years. it took a while, but they finally made off with one, and then another. NOT A GOOD WAY TO GO, POOR KITTIES. :[ i guess free range sure has its price. :[

Micaela said...

i'm going to miss all of matt's pics of the chickens on instagram! i was wondering where you guys were and why :)

poor 19th chicken :(

i'm a small city country mouse who likes to try the cheese in both directions. lol

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

$3 a bucket? Score! And that many chickens together would freak me out lol!