Monday, October 15, 2012

A Busy, Halloweeny Weekend

This past weekend was one of those busy-to-the-brim ones, but luckily, it was all fun stuff!  It's finally been cooling down in northern California (not that it's been super hot . . . it's just starting to feel a little more like Fall), so it was the perfect time to embrace Halloween season & spend some time in the brisk outdoors.

But before we went outdoors, we spent Friday night decidedly indoors watching Scott Derrickson's new movie, Sinister, which Matt's been wanting to see (his earlier film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, is one of the few that has legitimately scared Matt).  Despite my anxious proclivities, I'm actually pretty hard to scare when it comes to movies . . . and this one spooked me.  And I was genuinely interested in the plot and characters, which was a plus.  And Ethan Hawke is cute, so there's that.  In any case, if you're looking for a scary movie for Halloween, try Sinister--I actually liked it, and I'm not even a movie person!

On Saturday, we took Jasper to the pumpkin patch. I "embarrassed" Jasper (his word--heehee) by rockin' a flashy pumpkin headband.  Hey, go hard or go home, kid.

clockwise L to R: me & my pumpkin, father & son carving jack-o-lanterns, our finished products, Matt needing to learn to keep his eyes open for pics when it's sunny out

On Saturday night, Matt and I went here to see my lovely Diana read her poems as a part of LitCrawl, the annual literary pub, etc. crawl on the concluding night of San Francisco's Litquake Festival (there are more than 85 venues on this one night).  It was CRAZY in the Mission, let me tell you!  And yet I found a stellar parking spot, heard my girl read poems that we'd workshopped together, and had a romantic dinner with my man at Luna Park (I had a groupon--$25 for $55 of food & drink!).  

I don't even have the words for that dessert right there on the bottom right.  It involved a decadent brownie and butter something ice cream and peanut brittle and salted caramel sauce.  HOLY MOTHER it was good.  My tummy hurt after such a rich (and caloric) meal, but it was worth it.

We took it easy on Sunday--slept in, made coffee, did a little work, took a walk around the neighborhood, went to the local produce market, had some pumpkin ales, made dinner, watched bad tv. It was so nice to have a mellow day together after a really busy Friday & Saturday. 

What were you up to this weekend?  Hope everyone's Monday is as painless as possible!

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Megan said...

your pumpkin headband is freaking adorable. i walked home from work today waving a stick above my head so the magpies didnt attack me so I know embarassing and that headband is fantastic :P that weekend sounds really lovely, I love a lazy Sunday. I had vistitors for most of the weekend so now my house is a mess and I have a big pile of washing but all worth it!

Anonymous said...

i'm on vacay now (waiting for everyone to get up) and while i don't want this vacay to end, i'm excited to go home and go to a pumpkin patch too. my daughter LOVES halloween and has been itching to go to get pumpkins since september.

and your headband is so adorable!

undomestic chica said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I would have rocked your headband too :)

holli said...

OMG, i totally wished i could reply back with a picture. I have a headband with an orange glitter skull on it and i wear it everywhere. Sounds like a great weekend! I managed to make it to our Texas State Fair this wknd and pigged out. So fun!

mommyspice said...

Do they still have the S'more fondue? Oh man that was so good! I've never heard of a lit crawl, I've always wanted to participate in some sort of "crawl" lol Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Marz said...

I want a Halloweeny weekend!! My parents and I carve pumpkins every year, but with my mom in El Paso and my dad joining her for the last week of October I don't think it's going to happen. I'll just have to do it myself :) I'm dying to carve an Angel's one since I had a Rangers one last year for C.J. hahaha Your pumpkin headband is SUPER adorable. Jasper makes me laugh. I LOVE the way the pumpkins turned out!

Matt and I had a twitter conversation about Sinister. I agree with him that the Exorcism of Emily Rose scared the crap out of me! I love Ethan Hawke so I may attempt to watch it because sometimes getting scared off a scary movie can be fun! Even for a chicken like me.

So glad you had a great weekend Claire!

Melissa Blake said...

Ahhh! I can't believe it's almost Hallowween! I went on a walk today and almost all the leaves had turned oranges and reds. I'm not complaining, though!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i need that dessert mailed to me. asap.

Brianna said...

Funnn! I have yet to go to a pumpkin patch, need to get on that! That dessert looks heavenly! Mmmm
Ps hear about your boy Ben Flajnik?! Single againnnnn... Haha ;) just kidding, your man is much cuter and obviouslyyyy has better taste in women ha

Brooke said...

Your desert looks so yummy!



Leesh said...

I like the baby pumpkin!

Micaela said...

CUTEST photo of you with your pumpkin headband! (jasper lol) baby pumpkin makes me want to go find a pumpkin patch right now and get one for Felix :) adorable!

I love to watch scary movies and yet I would have been covering my eyes the whole time. That said, "Sinister" would be the movie to see since I know that you aren't a movie person. :)

your saturday night out sounded perfect-- followed by how sundays should be spent xo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was an awesome weekend! You rock that headband girl!