Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Right now, San Francisco is aflame (um, literally) with pride as it celebrates the Giants winning the World Series for the second time in three years.  It's so exciting to watch the city erupt with joy!  Looks like there are two reasons to be sporting orange & black in SF this week. :)

Speaking of which, did everyone go to Halloween parties this weekend?  Matt and I did on Saturday night, and I was pretty proud of our last-minute literary costumes:

We spent $10 on Matt's and 44 cents on mine :)

Pretty sure my high school English teacher will be proud. :)

My friend Jesus dressed up as a giant taco, and every time someone asked him a question, he'd say "I don't wanna taco-bout it."  HA!  After a few drinks, that shit is HILARIOUS!  What's the best costume you've seen so far this year?

Since we went all out Saturday night, our plan is to stay home and watch scary movies on Halloween itself.  So here's my annual call for scariest movie ever: is there a movie that freaked you out so badly you couldn't sleep at night?  Cause I need to see it.  I'm really hard to scare (when it comes to movies) and anything with zombies/supernatural stuff makes me laugh.  Two years ago, I watched The Strangers (based on facebook recommendations), and while it made me gasp a couple times, it didn't shake me to my core.  Last year, Matt and I watched Paranormal Activity and literally LOL'ed our way through it.  Three-toed demons do not frighten me in the slightest.  This year, I'm thinking of going with a reliable classic such as Cape Fear (the only movie I can remember being terrifying), but if you have any suggestions for spine-chilling movies, send 'em my way!


Kathy said...

i heard ringu (the japanese one) is hella scary and i think the exorcist is the scariest movie of all time. then again, i have an irrational fear of anything scary on screen so maybe this isn't such great advice regarding scary films.

Brooke said...

Great customs! On the cheap too! Go girl!

Go Giants!



Dee Stephens said...

I'm not into scary movies! :(
Love the costumes.. especially since they were cheap!

wee-h said...
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Smidge said...

Ooh I love scary movies! Most of the original japanese/korean horror movies are worth a watch (R Point, The Ring)and The Shining is probably my favourite (although the book is scarier)

holli said...

Those are great costumes!
I also LOVE scary movies. The Exorcist always got to me but i love them all.

mommyspice said...

GO GIANTS! So exciting! I love your costume! So cute. The scariest movie I have ever seen....Carrie (the original) really freaked me out when I first watched it. This coming from the girl who freaked out watching The Leprechaun. I know I'm pathetic.

Faiza said...

i am so green with envy that the giants won the world series. sigh, if only my jays would smarten the heck up!

i don't really watch scary movies, but if you want to be spooked, i suggest you youtube mitt romney. when i heard him speak, i can't sleep at night. scary!

Leesh said...

Don't laugh at me but one Halloween we watched The Lost Boys. Later that night, I had severe nightmares and woke up the whole house by me screaming at the top of my lungs.

Daybreakers also freaked me out and gave me nightmares.

Note: I get freaked out easily and hate horror movies.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

your costumes look great!!

i don't really do scary movies at all...i startle REALLY easily, plus after i watched "dawn of the dead" in college, and then woke up 2 weeks later from a full-on night terror about zombies trying to kill me and my grandma...i stick with other movie genres =)

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Bet Halloween is really fun in San Francisco. I haven't seen any extraordinary Halloween costumes yet, but then again, I haven't gone out.
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Helene said...

love the scarlet letter!! perfect idea! and easy too... may need to coy that!

Lindsey said...

ummm i don't do scary movies. At all. So I can't help.

I am going to Kristina's to pass out candy to little kids wed. I can't wait!!

p.s. I'm so hungry

Your costumes were great - I'm impressed with your bargain costumes. I wish I could say the same about mine. I paid way too much!

drollgirl said...

your costume! i love it!!!!! and 44 cents?! lol!

i don't wanna taco-bout it?!?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! i would have stood next to him all night just to hear that line on repeat!

hmmmm. most scary movies are stupid. there are a few good ones IMO, but i am sure you have seen them:
the shining
i can't think of any others right this sec.

cape fear is EXCELLENT, btw.

have you seen the tv show american horror story? it gives me a heart attack. you could probably rent season one and watch on dvd. eeeek. it scares me.

Micaela said...

i'm a sore loser and didn't even watch the World Series because i knew it would make me sick if the Giants won since they're the team that beat my Rangers the first year we made it. That said, how crazy awesome for SF fans :) esp if you got to experience it in your city. I can just imagine how festive San Franciscans can be.

LOVE your Halloween costumes! :) this year I was gentle on myself and bowed out of dressing up. Besides, it was more fun to dress Felix up! even if we waited til the last minute (as in, i made Chip go out last night and the only thing left in her size was the Angel costume. a bit boring, but how can i complain about an ANGEL costume?! LOL) Chip said it was funny to go shopping for his daughter's costume and not even look at the sexy ones for me. i don't wanna taco-bout it... HAHA

Chip has been trying to get me to watch Cape Fear but i'm such a wuss when it comes to scary movies. Maybe i'll finally watch it tonight. I haven't seen this movie i'm about to suggest since again, i'm a wuss BUT! i've heard it's really good and the trailer scared me lol Has Matt seen "Insidious"?

Happy Halloween!!! i love you. xo

H. Gillham said...

LMBO. Classic.

I read your blog a lot, but I miss some of them since you are so prolific. *smooches*

I chortled at those costumes. Too great, sweetie.

Thanks for sending me over to see it.

FTR: I don't watch scary movies. Ever.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love it! I watched the Zodiac this year and it freaked me out!