Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Go America!

Pretty psyched for America right about now.

But Mr. Obama, since California voted to retain its killing machine, I'm going to need you to repeal the death penalty in the U.S.  Can you work that out for me?

In other news, someone wrote "Thanks for ruining our country" on my celebratory facebook status and then promptly defriended me.  ha!  Are you guys experiencing this kind of social media vitriol?

I'm sad that so many people have the misguided idea that Obama hikes up taxes in order to "give" money to poor/lazy people so that they don't have to work. I've known many hard-working folks who've needed help at some point or another. Why is it so difficult for some people to empathize? Entitlement programs are such a small percentage of the national budget, yet people seem to hyper-focus on them, while not even mentioning the multi-billion dollar foreign wars (um, your tax dollars are paying for this too, and a lot more of them than are paying for food stamps!) or the prison industrial complex that costs us billions and doesn't make us safer. 

That guy probably did me a favor by defriending me anyway.  I'm too busy celebrating Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren and marriage equality and Prop 36 and a Senate majority and all that to bother with his bitterness.

Happy day after election day, USA!


J. said...

ugh, I could go on and on about the nastiness I've seen on social media sites (being stuck in the middle of the red state Bible belt really blows sometimes). I decided to go above and beyond with my celebratory posts last night, just to piss some people off. I wasn't mean and hateful, but every time I saw a nasty post I'd post something on my own wall in celebration. I was probably REALLY annoying. LOL
There are so many other issues that many of these 'right wings' don't even understand. Instead, they choose to focus on a few things they've heard rather than doing any real research. (If I hear ONE MORE thing about "Obamaphones" I'm going to scream!)
I'm happy. I'm doing my best not to let any of them take that away from me!

Lindsey Gurr said...

I have been shocked by what is being written on FB...all I chose to say to the hate is negativity breeds negativity therefore I refuse to respond to it. On another note, I'm extremely proud of Colorado and Washington for decriminalizing recreational marijuana use. As well as the states that have given same sex partners the right to marry. I have much faith that this administration will bring about much needed change for the country...its a happy day for America, even though many refuse to believe it! Go Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

although i'm not american, a lot of canadian folks were following the election news coverage last night (myself included and i don't even have an interest in politics!).

however, i am very glad that obama got reelected. the twitter feed last night was all kinds of hilarious. i read a bunch of "if so and so gets elected, i'm moving to canada!" LOL

Lindsey said...

My friends and I had a contest to find the most ridiculous fb status update. Being that I'm from Texas, there were certainly some gems last night.

Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

While I am not celebrating Obama's re-election, I am horrified to hear that peopole could be so rude and horrific. I have ready many blogs today talking about other social media outlets and glad to hear that the blogs I like to follow (whether republicans/democrats) are keeping it classy. I think regardless of who is in office, Americans should be blessed to live in a country with freedom.

Faiza said...

I think some Americans would be shocked by how they are viewed beyond their own borders.

Either way GOBAMA!

Ashley said...

4 more years baby!! :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

OH EM GEE claire, you know i have a lot to say about this.

i had two people defriend me on facebook last night, and i think it's sad. there is so much more to a friendship than political views, and to think that people feel they can no longer continue friendships with me, or you, or anyone else, based on political affiliation is sad.

i know i've said it before, but i truly think that if a lot of people i know who vote conservatively really sat down and compared plans and parties, they would understand what democrats truly believe and stand for (and dare i say, convert?). i can't help but shake my head and close my laptop when i see post after post about democrats not only helping, but encouraging laziness and government assistance dependence, because i know it just isn't true. not at all.

but on a happier note, i am SO glad for marriage equality and hope it will catch on elsewhere, i am SO HAPPY that we will have obama for 4 more years, and i am SO GLAD THAT VIRGINIA WENT BLUE AGAIN!!!!!

if you and i lived in the same town, we'd have to stock up on wine because we could sit down and talk politics for days.

his little lady said...

I have just been hearing horror stories about the war that has been happening on Facebook. It's kind of ridiculous! People can be entitled to their opinions and we should respect that. And even if you didn't vote for Obama, he is our President, and as such we need to stand behind him. And it's true, he did you a favor by de-friending you :)
xo TJ

drollgirl said...

girl i hear ya! i agree with you on everything. i am so relieved he won. SO RELIEVED.

Kim @ said...

yep. just took the thoughts out of my head.

what i really cant understand is the people who really believe "we wont have a country left in four years!" .... ummmm???

i just cant believe how nasty people get and they say the most ridiculous things. apparently all democrats are unemployed bums who live off government assistance and want to steal money from the hard workin' folk! i hear so many republicans say, 'ive been working since i was a teen, i paid my way thorugh college, blah blah blah' and im like, yeah. ive been working since i was 14, i worked two jobs in college, moved to NYC by myself and support myself and guess what, i STILL believe in helping others (that being said ive seen some atrocious abuse of the system working in the south bronx for five years, and i do believe it needs some reform, but that's for another day!)

anyways, yay! i also had to give my sixth graders a little speak today about being wonder why there is so much hate. parents teach it young!

Jo said...

all i can say is, thank God!
i just have to believe that people don't do their research. i think that so very many people have no idea what exactly each candidate stands for, and what the impact is to them, personally.
as a woman and as someone with a hispanic mother, obama was the choice that made sense. i am so over the moon happy to have four more years with president obama!! whew!

Kara said...

Fist pump for Obama! Meagan retweeted one of my tweets about why I voted for Obama (health care, women's rights, etc) and it got a LOT of retweets, which I loved! Until a total rando sent me a comment about how our children's health care is gonna be f'ed up because of Obama or some nonsense. Funny what being a "stranger" allows some folks to say.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i totally unfriended someone (who i was really only FB friends with, apparently we know a lot of the same people) who posted something about how "everyone who voted for the antichrist deserves whatever they get". HELL TO THE NO.

that being said, the FB photos that have emerged have been amazing.

bananas. said...

i heart you so hard for this.

wait that sounded nasty.

you rock! GOBAMA!!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Abso-freaking-lutely, Claire!

As a Canadian, I was rooting for Obama all the way. My friends and I were worried about what it would mean for your country, and ours, if Romney was elected. Obama stands for the things that I {and so many other open-minded, caring human beings} do. Health care, women's rights, marriage equality, helping people who need a hand to get back on their feet... And so to him, I say "Congratulations, Mr President." Keep up the good, hard work.

Oh, and speaking of those Facebook loonies spewing their hatefulness around and threatening to move to Canada, we don't want them here!

nicoleciomek said...

I have always found this entitlement argument very odd as well. I guess because both of my grandfathers were hard working, blue collar men, I take a lot of offense to it. They both were part of the CCC, a government program. And, when my one grandfather had a heart attack in his early 50s that led to part of his heart dying, he went on social security disability, which supported my grandparents for years. I am glad that was there for them, otherwise my mom would have had to take care of them as my grandfather couldn't work. And my grandfather was a WWII veteran who was injured. I am pretty sure he did a lot for our country and I am glad that there were social programs in place to help him out when he needed it. There are tons of stories like this in our country. So, while people love to name the stories of people abusing the welfare system, rarely do they care to acknowledge the stories of people who really need it.

SO Glad we've got Obama for 4 more years and that a large part of our country wants to be progressive and move forward.

Meredith said...

As somebody who went to high school in the redneck capital of the world, I can promise you would be absolutely astounded by some of the things on my facebook news feed. One of my friends had the audacity to post about someone breaking into his truck last night (which does suck)...and then blaming it on "Obama and the lazy assholes on welfare." I'm sorry, what?! I've even seen things with horrible racist remarks including "bluegums," and the n word. Appalling. But I'm right there with you in celebrating! Haven't been able to do it much on social media because I'm afraid people will throw rocks at me, but I am definitely pleased!!

Christina said...

I honestly can't believe what I've been reading. Especially all of the comments and posts that have absolutely no factual basis. If you're gonna talk crap, at least know what the hell you're talking about! I also feel like President Obama has been the most disrespected president ever, even over W. People just talk and talk and talk. He is still our president!! It's ok to be disappointed and express that, but do it respectfully. I can't believe someone unfriended you! I mean, I've wanted to delete a few die hard Romney/homophobic acquaintances I have. I just hid them instead. Haha!

I love this post.

Kristen said...

I. Am. Thrilled.

Hooray Obama. Hooray. Go America.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I thought that we got rid of the death penalty? Did that not pass? BOOO!

melifaif said...

YES!!!!! Love it. I am with you....and out with the negative. Good riddance, buddy....I mean, loser. lol. I am stooping and gotta stop. :) #swag