Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm a ______ Person

For years, I found myself saying, "I'm a dog person." Which is totally true.

But you know, I kinda think that when people say I'm a dog person, they mean as opposed to a cat person. Lately I've been thinking about why these two are so frequently dichotomized . . . cause you know what I really am? An animal person.

It's true that I get extra excited around dogs and that I love how interactive they are, and that when I think of my future--the long haul, so to speak--I definitely think of dogs. But that doesn't mean I don't like cats or bunnies or pigs or horses.

Let me cut to the chase. As of December 30th, Matt and I have a new family member:

Meet Neil Young

We've been on the hunt for a dog and a cat. And while I still can't wait to find the right pup for us, I am so excited about our new little feline addition.

Here's what happened: on Saturday, a friend of a friend posted on Facebook that the little guy above needed a home. His neighbor had witnessed someone throw him out the window of a moving car on a pretty busy street in our neighborhood. Can you imagine? In any case, the friend of a friend couldn't keep him because he already had two cats, and so Matt and I swooped in and adopted him. 

We're amazed at how resilient he is. He's the sweetest little kitten (the vet estimates he's 10 weeks old) and he can't get enough of us. He sleeps wedged between us, follows us around from room to room, and licks our faces as long as we'll let him. 

I'm smitten 

All this has had me thinking about why people do cruel things to animals. Ultimately, I know it's their own hurt/pain/abuse/etc. rearing its ugly head, but somehow, it's hard for me to understand when it's done to a defenseless animal. Who throws a kitten out of a moving car?!?! Ugh. In any case, we're so glad to have found him.

And if you need to laugh on this first day back to work, this is what I woke up to this morning. OMG:

Very concerned with making sure his daddy has a clean coat.

Happy New Year from Claire, Matt, and Neil Young the kitten!

Also, my blog turned 3 yesterday. Three years! Here's to three more. :)

22 comments: said...

I am in love!! Kudos to you for the adoption and Neil Young the kitten is a LUCKY little guy!! The video is too cute and my cats do that too...but not that long haha a!! Happy new year!!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Awwww adorable! Congrats on the new family member. What would we do without facebook? We'd never find loving pets (lol)

undomestic mama said...

That video is too funny! I don't like litter boxes and most of our cats have got to be the Devil's spawn but yours is adorable. I feel the same way about animal abuse as I do about child abuse, it's just so wrong.

Angelina Medina said...

I will never understand people who hurt animals. I mean really like wtf is wrong with you. I'm more of a dog person but that is one cute kitty :)

NYLON Girl said...


Farah said...

I got a shock reading about the circumstances in which this pretty lil baby was found. Some people are just really (for the lack of a better word) retarded in the brains!! Uuurgh!! Someone should try dropping them out of a window from a moving car, on a busy street no less, and see how they like it! Sorry for all the rage, I'm a big fat softie when comes to animals, especially cats. T.T

Goodluck with the lil furball! Can't wait to read more stories about him in the future.

and Happy birthday Clare's blog!! ;)

Jessie said...

First thing: LOVE the name.

Secondly: that video is HILARIOUS. I giggled and then made my assistant come watch it with me. :)

And lastly: I will never understand cruelty to animals. I also don't understand how anyone could be anti-cat OR anti-dog. I've had both, and love both for completely seperate reasons. I actually have both right now, but they are all "outside pets" at this point. There is NO way we can let all of our dogs in the house, and our cat just honestly prefers to be outside. One great thing about living in the country- she has plenty of room to roam freely :)

robayre said...

I'm so happy for you guys and so excited to see more Neil Young here and on instagram :)
I wonder if that is a kitten thing or what, but our cat did the same thing when we first got him... he had to be as close as possible and would lick my face. Now as an adult he is not like that at all, but definitely was as a kitten.
I too am an animal person, having had a bird, a rabbit, a hedgehog, parakeet, a mouse, and hamsters. I've never had a dog and I always wanted one, but now that I'm an adult I worry about not having the time to commit to being home and taking care of a dog.

meghan said...

I don't know why people do cruel things to animals either. I think it's almost as bad as hurting people, especially since animals can't really defend themselves. Your cat is so sweet looking. I'm allergic to and afraid of cats, but this one is so cute! How sweet that he sleeps between you and follows you around.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

1. CONGRATS ON 3 YEARS!!! So glad we've met and become IRL friends through this blog ♥

2. I can't believe how crazy people are. Jerks! Bless you for being such good people!

3. True story: I'm afraid of cats. I had one when I was young and long story short, had Cat Scratch Fever that was misdiagnosed with Leukemia :O Luckily they figured it out but now they scare me hehe. Neil is very cute though!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i totally wanna smush that so cute!! i'm an animal person too...but i swear i'm sometimes-allerigc to cats. my parents have 2...some days i visit them, and i'm fine. some days, i'll be there for awhile and then my eyes get really itchy and i start's SO weird!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw! I hate hearing stories of people doing things like that. I'm glad you were able to take him! It looks like he fits right in!

drollgirl said...

HE REALLY IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! i am so happy for you guys!!!

i love cats. dogs. cows. pigs. i love animals! especially if they are sweet, furry and affectionate. what's not to love?!?!??!?!?!?

H. Gillham said...

Love your new hair cut.

Love Neil Young. Great name.

And he's purrfect.

I showed his picture to Tallulah, my resident cat, and she hissed.

Neil in's. LOL

I loved reading about your trip to Georgia --- there is something about home and Christmas.


Jo said...

it makes me want to cry when i think of what these sweet animals go through. my fernando was found in the middle of a major freeway. he was scrawny, dirty, hungry, not neutered, etc. i cannot imagine my home without him in it. i'm so blessed. before him, i had a cat. before the cat, a dog. i'm with you on being an animal person. :)
your kitty is adorable!! congratulations on being a new kitty momma. and, congratulations on the 3 year anniversary of your blog!! yay!!

Leesh said...

I see that Leeann is afraid of cats too. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Happy 3 years with your blog. I look forward to three more years of reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

what a cute kitty! sadly, i'm allergic to cats (makes me break out in hives).

happy 3yr blogaversary!

Shoshanah said...

First off happy blogoversary!

And what a cute kitten! I can't believe someone would throw a kitten out of a moving car. But I'm happy to see it found a home, and now looks to be doing well.

Oh, My Darling said...

Happy 2013 and blogaversary -- I'm excited to get back into blogging this year, and am enjoying reading yours again! Also, your new little Neil Young is so adorable -- I've been contemplating getting a kitten lately, too!

Miss Angie said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute! He's almost an identical twin for my friend Melanie's cat she had when we lived together years ago in college-her name was Erzulie, or zuzu for short! sooo adorable and congrats on the kitten!

Phoenix Peacock said...

this is WAY too adorable. haha. I would have peed my pants trying not to laugh and wake up the daddy

nicoleciomek said...

So Adorable!!! Love him! Congrats on your new family member. I am sure y'all will have a lot of wonderful years and time together :)