Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

I have a burning question: do you feel guilty if you spend a whole day being lazy (watching tv, reading, no exercise, etc.)? I wish I could say that I don't feel guilty, but Saturday proved that I do. I was so super tired after a long week & a Friday night out that Saturday I hardly lifted a finger till it was evening. I guess I think it's okay to spend a day like that (as long as it remains infrequent), but I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I could/should be doing . . . I don't know.

Friday night, despite Matt being sick, we went to see In and Out of Shadows (by Gary Soto) at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. The Voice of Witness Education Director (aka my supervisor) directed the show, so all of us from work came on Friday to check it out. It was so good!

It's a story (created from oral histories, no less!) about undocumented teenagers in the U.S. They were really incredible, and many of them were immigrants, so the stories were all too real.  If you're in San Francisco, go check it out. And then stop to get tacos in the Mission afterwards, like we did. ;) 

Saturday, after doing a whole lotta nothing all day (other than, you know, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and Nashville), I headed up to Marin to babysit Milo and Jude, where Jude sported a chicken hat, I put the boys to bed, and then watched zillions of makeup tutorials via this girl's Youtube channel. I'm obsessed! Both with Shae's Youtube channel and Jude in a chicken hat:

On Sunday I made myself go for a (sluggish) run since I hadn't done anything physical all weekend, and then after a quick run to Trader Joe's, we settled in to watch the Grammys. Neil Young curled up happily in Matt's cardigan, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever:

Here's a closer look in case that wasn't enough cuteness:

I mean whoa, he is cute.

What did y'all think of the Grammys? I had way more observations than I can note here, but I'll leave it at this:
  • The Adam Levine/Alicia Keys duet was freakin HOT
  • Speaking of hot, there was a lot of hotness, starting with the evening's host
  • Elton John is a legend
  • Rihanna looked so pretty with wavy, feminine hair
  • Why was Adele wearing patterned shoes with her ultra-patterned dress?
Now tell me what you thought!


undomestic mama said...

Is it weird that the girl who works in radio didn't watch the Grammy's at all? 'Cause I didn't. Sounds like you had a great weekend though. And, I'd be obsessed with Jude in a chicken hat too.

Kim @ Slice of Life said...

I never feel guilty for being lazy but I do feel guilty if I don't exercise, even if all I do is walk, lately I get it over with early then lounge around all day! I just feel like I'm always "on" during the week that weekends I am deserved the rest to recuperate!!

Also I wish I could take my students to see that show ... Have u seen "which way home" it's in Netflix instant - documentary about children trying to cross ... We're watching "bajo la misma luna" this week in class -- my favoriiiteee!!

HVe a great week!

Meg {henninglove} said...

tjs is a good errand to run, plenty of yummy items to pick up there and a low key not doing much is totally ok and necessary said...

I don't feel super guilty because its so rare that I have a lazy weekend! Neil young is just too cute... Can ivy seal Jim? Lol JK!!! Have a great week!! Ohh and the play sounds amazing!!

Brianna said...

ehhhh sometimes I'll feel guilty... like last weekend when I slept all saturday cuz I thought of all the productive things I should have done... BUT I totally think it's justified because we all need a mental health day here and there to keep us from going crazy (:
and lazy days are the best. Especially when tv/netflix are included (:

Oh Neil Young... seriously dang cute! p.s. I was at a little kids bday party this weekend and they had a beagle, but it was a light colored one- white and light brown... it was SO CUTE and I almost stole her for you ;)

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i swear, jude gets cuter and cuter....IT KILLS ME!!!

ugh, sometimes i feel guilty for lazy saturdays...but usually only if the weather is nice. if it's gross out, i love reading a whole book or watching a bunch of tv or movies!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend. And you totally made up for being lazy. Although I had to admit that on Sundays I am super lazy. I feel bad about it but am always too lazy to do anything about it lol.

Jude is too cute!!! I want him to be mine! Can I have him? ;)

And little Neil Young! Is he in Matt's sweater looking for a heart of gold? Ha! See what I did with that? ;)

Thanks for linking up and being such an amazing friend. I APPRECIATE YOU!

Belen said...

Sometimes I do feel guilty. But it's hard to do anything on my days off. The way my coworkers and I see it, when we get our one- or two-day time off of work a week, it's not really fulfilling because it's not really enough time away from the store. The first day you just want to laze about and recover from the stressful/busy week at SBux, but by the 2nd day, you want to go out and party late, but then you remember you have to wake up early the next morning to open! So 3 days away is pretty good if you can party on at least the 2nd day. But at our store, we hardly get 3 days off in a row. :(

Anonymous said...

we PVR'd the grammys so i have yet to watch it... i lurve me some adam levine so now i'll definitely watch it!

with my 4yo running circles around me, i hardly have time to sit down.... i wish i did!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Neil Young en sweater = cutest thing I've seen today.

I feel guilty when I am lazy ALL day, even if I've kicked ass on all the other days.

Marz said...

I would give my all for a lazy day! I have SO much to catch up on my DVR, cleaning and reading to do that a day devoted to just that sounds like a holiday! :)

I love, love, LOVEEEEE Jude in a chicken hat!! SOOO precious!!! And Neil Young in a Matt's cardigan are my fave pics ever!

Justin Timberlake looking fly at the Grammy's (I loved that tweet!) and his falsetto drove me WILD! :) Can't wait to get his new album. Love him!

drollgirl said...

oh NY has it BAD for your man! love the pics!

i didn't watch the grammys because i am an old fuddy duddy. and because i CANNOT STAND that band fun. or that band mumford and sons. ARGH! i have time to had bands, apparently. lol

rihanna looked gorgeous. she finally did something right with her hair. she looks TERRIBLE with black hair. and she looked gorgeous with the new 'do and the awesome dress.

Micaela said...

I can never get enough of NFY's photos!!! ;) esp. the sweet ones where he's wrapped up in his Daddy's cardigans. LOVE!

(I'll be thinking of him on love day when he gets snipped! he'll def. need lots of matt cuddles and human food tomorrow please! lol)

Gosh, please don't feel guilty. When you and Matt have little claire's one day, you'll miss those lazy days where you can CHOSE to do nothing at all. It's a thing of my dreams as you know ;)

I can just imagine how amazing In and Out of Shadows was/is (worth going to even when sick).

Jude in his chicken hat-- OMG! perfect photo.

Grammys: I LOVED Rhianna's performance. I may have rewatched it in fact. It was so moving and I thought she looked the best she has ever looked.

YES to Adam Levine/Alicia Keys! What in the world was Carrie Underwood thinking in that dress?! wasn't even worth those "fancy" lights. I wish Taylor Swift sang "Trouble" instead and was tired of all the shots of her dancing during performances LOL

J FUCKING T. I don't generally swear (not even in writing) but I couldn't help myself. O.M.G.!

Micaela said...

*CHOOSE. I don't know why I am correcting that one when I am sure my grammar is horrid, especially at this time of night ;)