Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pet Peeves

Tonight, I settled onto my couch with a bottle of zin, my current favorite nail polish, and Grey's Anatomy. Sounds like the makings of an excellent night, right? Well, it was . . . until Meredith and Cristina (okay, the show's writer) committed one of my ultimate pet peeves:

1. Explaining something obvious to a tv show's audience.

Did anyone else catch this interaction? It occurred at approximately 9:44 pm, while Meredith and Cristina were discussing Meredith's patient, the feverish child Parker, and his concerned mother (guest star Sarah Chalke):

Cristina: Well could it be Munchausen by Proxy?
Meredith: What, that she's making her own kid sick? No, she just has a strong feeling that it's something more than strep.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh. First of all, I feel insulted as a viewer. I know what Munchausen by Proxy is and I don't need it explained to me. Secondly, AS IF doctors would "clarify" this sort of thing to each other. It is a deliberate move to explain to viewers who might not know what they're talking about . . . and to me, it indicates bad writing. Either create strong enough context so that the viewers are clued in, or just trust that they either know what it is or that they'll google it. Do y'all ever notice this watching tv or movies? It's THE WORST. I cringe every time.

Since I'm on a roll, I might as well reveal some of my other pet peeves:

2. Loud Eating.
My sister and I have always been so hypersensitive to "smacking," or any form or loud eating (or God forbid gum chewing), that we figured we were just obnoxious. Until we learned about misophonia. We both have textbook cases that, when we were younger, caused us to flinch, duck, cover our ears, and ultimately leave dinner tables when someone was chewing loudly. Now, although I can control myself better, I still get a chest full of rage and an unreasonable need to flee when I can hear someone eating. Or clinking a spoon against their teeth. I'm shuddering just thinking about these things.

3. Slow Walkers.
I cannot even deal with (non-elderly, able-bodied) people walking like turtles on sidewalks or paths.

4. Meekness.
Unfortunately I appear to be revealing myself as a bitch. But since I'm being honest: meekness, and its cousin passivity, drive me bananas. I find myself wanting to scream GET A BACKBONE whenever I see someone behaving in a meek/passive/submissive/doormat-like way. Granted, aggression is not a great alternative, but can't we arrive at a happy medium?

5. Sitting Still.
Perhaps I'm making excuses for myself, but I think there might be something physiological with me that prevents me from being able to sit still. I sure as hell can't sit in a chair for hours (so uncomfortable!), but even if I'm in my preferred, cross-legged position on the floor or a couch, it's tough for me to pay sincere attention to someone who is droning on and on about something, a meeting that seems to go on forever, or a too-long movie. I need action, movement, changes of pace.

I should stop myself at 5 because frankly, the list could go on forever.

And now I am dying to know: what are your pet peeves?? Tell me in the comments!


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love this post because I too could make a huge list of pet peeves, idk why I'm so easily annoyed haha! But seriously, slow walkers drive me CRAZY! Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when you're on vacation and you ask a stranger to take a picture of you and they crouch down and take it from below...and it's like awesome, glad you got the very top of that building in the photo and made me look like I have 3 chins. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

haha true to all of these! another pet peeve of mine is having to repeat myself. if you're an adult, then you should be able to understand what i'm saying!

Anonymous said...

Bitch bitch bitch. I thought I was reading Claire's blog, not Jen Montano's. ;)

I think the "slow walking" and "sitting still" PPs are basically one in the same. Please combine these into one.

Anonymous said...

Re #4, you might enjoy Nietzsche. Some very lucid observations about societal meekness, masters and slaves, meekness in Xtianity, the herd instinct, etc.

Lane said...

My list can go on too...most of mine are cleanliness

1. Not putting dishes away
2. Leaving clothes in dryer or wash
3. Random paper in places
4. Loud talkers and close talkers
5. Strangers touching me
6. Crumbs on counters (Dustin)

Jane Droll said...

well thank you for making me laugh!

#2 HAS to be the worst. i lose my mind when i can HEAR SOMEBODY'S DIGESTIVE PROCESS IN ACTION. it is revolting. the chewing. the gulping. the swallowing. and worse. REVOLTING. i can't stand to be around it!

#3 SLOW WALKERS! DIE! get a move on. out of the way!

#4. wellllllllllllllllll i am not a huge fan of confrontation. i had one with a new client the other day. it was rather awful. communication is so fucking tricky. i toned down what i REALLY thought, but still told her how she had fucked up with us TWO TIMES and that a little courtesy would go a long way. she said it felt like she was being scolded. DAMN RIGHT YOU FUCKING INCONSIDERATE JACKASS. anyway, she was mad, i was mad, and it sucked. later i apologized that we started off on the wrong foot. i tried to be the bigger person. she didn't take any of the blame, and i guess it is what it is. needless to say, she is on my shit list FOREVER. lol.

did i mention her name is TIFFINY?!?!? and that is how she spells it. a woman in her fucking 50's named TIFFINY. kill kill killlllllll.

5. sitting still is tough. i am also a restless sleeper. i can't stop tossing and turning and moving around. and being a passenger in a car for long DRIVES ME NUTS. forget about an airplane. UGH!

Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

Taking yours and expounding:
3b. Slow walkers can be assumed to be "slow anything" for me. Slow drivers, slow talkers, slow do anythingers. If I do something, I need to do it at 100 mph.

1b. Assuming I'm an idiot or that I can't figure something out on my own. Professors do this to us all the time by explaining basic terms like "hyperkalemia means..." or "teratogenic means..." I realize that sounds like the supreme #gradstudentproblem. My philosophy is that if I'm smart enough to get into this school, if someone uses a word I don't understand, trust that I'll either 1) ask what it means, or 2) look it up. It really just makes the professor looks like an idiot, but I find it so insulting, especially when they explain basic terminology with words like "old-timey."

My own:
1. Lack of initiative or accountability. Saying "no one ever taught me how to do that" sends me into a psychotic rage. This also includes people who get all of their medical info from the TV or internet, but won't accept actual medical advice.
2. Whining about something that one can change, but does nothing about changing it. I'm talking about people who moan on for months about, for example, hating their jobs but looking for another is just unfathomable.

Too much? ;o)

sheba said...

I agree with each and every peeve, except for #1, I hate when books point out the obvious.

undomestic mama said...

People who throw fits. As much as I love her, my sister threw a fit and quit talking/looked like she was going to cry on Wednesday when we hung out with her despite my repeated attempts at asking if she was ok and wanted to share my food. I have no idea what was wrong. She also did this on my birthday. Why would we keep hanging out with her then?!

Slow talkers. I want to yell, "Spit it out already!"

Leesh said...

I agree with the loud eating. My coworker is notorious for this and for five years, it has driven me up the wall. One day I got so fed up that I actually said "shhh!" And she was all like what?!?! I said you are chewing loud and she didn't even realize it. It drives me crazy and it's so embarrassing when we are work events.

Slow walkers and people who stop in the middle of the sidewalk bugs me, along with people who stand on both sides of an escalator.

Kara said...


Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

I have some of your same pet peeves, but my biggest pet peeves are not having alone time (I'm a big introvert and people talking non stop drives me crazy), my BK clicking his toes (don't ask it is weird lol), and smacking like you.

Krystal said...

i have misophonia too!!!!! in a big way!!!! like, the sound of eating drives me insane. i have to have music on when mark and i eat together, he is like the WORST offender and sometimes it makes me want to kick him or eat in the other room! or he'll like walk around eating a salad and has to be near me...ahhhhhh

Allison said...

I'm pretty sure that we are the same person because this list sums me up completely. I was just telling my boyfriend that I hate people who sneeze loudly and obnoxiously because I swear they are simply looking for attention from others. I also hate when people pull food off of their forks with their teeth - the sound makes me want to crawl out of my skin!
This post is perfect. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, love!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha I hate when people walk slowly and diagonally. It's like twice as long torture!

Dee Stephens said...

The slow walking thing drives me BONKERS TOO!!! I hate to say it but the Indians are the worst! They're just slow at everything.. OMG!!!

wfayew said...

All of the above. Seriously. If I'm being nice and leaving out people who can't yield/merge/DRIVE or differentiate between your and you're -- those are my top 5 pet peeves.

Christina said...

This list is awesome and I totally agree with you. My biggest pet peeve is late people. Not people that are occasionally late, or running ten minutes behind, but people that are late every single fucking time, no matter where it is or what it's for, and never, ever, EVER care that they pissed everyone off because "Whatever, I'm always late." UGH! I also can't stand when people need constant reminders to pay you back money for a concert or game ticket. It's rude to make me ask multiple times and I feel like I start sounding poor.

Jess said...

One of my pet peeves is when, during rush hour, people drive in the exit lane, and them merge back into traffics! And people just let them back in! So annoying lol. That and fidgeting- arg!

Some Snapshots Blog

Miss Caitlin S. said...

lol, I think we all have our things that make our skin crawl. hahah. I love this "Unfortunately I appear to be revealing myself as a bitch. But since I'm being honest: meekness, and its cousin passivity, drive me bananas.". haha. I can be pretty meek in certain situations sometimes and I'm so annoyed by myself when I know I'm doing it. Confidence is so much better- I agree!

annie said...

You are hilarious! And I think these are my pet peeves...You wrote them so well, now I don't have to!

robayre said...

Matt and I were talking about this just yesterday but one of the reasons we think we are the perfect match for each other is how irritable we are with other people. We find pretty much everyone (even our own best friends and family) annoying. YET, we don't get irritated with each other.

Matt is super sensitive to the sound of food eating as well, and I never knew other people has that "utensil clinking on teeth" agitation, so now I know he is not unusual. He even gets irritated when foley food smacking is added to shows and movies. Come on! REALLY?! More than the sound of people chewing what irritates me is when people have their mouth open while eating, to the point where I used to obsessively cover my mouth when I chewed because I was worried that someone else might see inside my already closed mouth.

robayre said...

oh yeah, every single pet peeve listed above is a pet peeve of mine too. Ha! Also, I just remembered another because of the comment about Tiffiny above. I hate when people name their kids nicknames. I had a friend Abby and that was her real name on her birth certificate. I feel like it makes your parents look ignorant. I understand that a lot of the time it's because they like the nickname but not the full name but I just think if you don't like the full name then find a different name where you like the full name and the nickname.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

The loud eating...ughhhhhh. My newest pet peeve is when someone sits on the couch above me and cleans herself and I have to hear the licking and the sandpaperyness. It makes me crazy!

6 in Love said...

My list would be too long, so I'll stick w/ something that might make you smile. 3 yr old K has learned to chew w/ his mouth shut b/c I feel the same way as you & taught him early. He was eating near someone, threw his spoon down, & covered his ears. lol. He said, "He is smacking SO loud!" and looked at me w/ desperation.

erin a elder said...

1. Space-Bubble-Invaders..... you know, the people that stand behing you in line so close that they touch you. UGH... i need my space!!

2. Wet towels being thrown on the floor/bed.... There are hangers on the wall for a reason.

3. Slow Walkers.... I'm with ya there 100%

4. Hypocrites. I was told my an overweight woman I know that "brown rice isn't good for me, and if I think that's healthy I'm wrong." -- Next day, shes sitting eating a to-go container FULL of fried chicken, and dipping it in RANCH. I wanted to smack her.

5. People who dont use their blinker. USE IT. ITS NOT THAT HARD.

Ok I'm done... HAHA

Tallia said...

I can not stand loud eaters as well. I don't know why? Bt sometimes I can be one...which is not good